Qorps Service

What is Qorps Service?

Qorps Service is the reason CollegeQorps exists.  It is the structure that allows members to develop career skills through service - first to their peers, then through volunteer service on and off campus and ultimately through internships. The CollegeQorps Service-to-Career model uses Qorps Service to provide a structure for organizing these experiences so that they build skills that deliver value.  We do that through Ranks, Roles and Service-to-Career Paths.


There are three Qorps Service ranks: Peer Supporter, Peer Coordinator and Peer Leader.  To be eligible, members must first become Peers by meeting the requirements for a Peer medallion.  After that, each rank is achieved by meeting its requirements which can be found by clicking on the medallions below.


Each Qorps Service rank includes a range of roles for members to choose from.  Medallions are added to a member's profile after a term of service in the role is complete.  A term of service is equal to the course term for your campus. You can learn more about each role by clicking on the role below or going to the Achievements page.


Peer Supporter

Peer Coordinator

Peer Leader










Campus Recruiter

Qorps Volunteer

Peer Docent

Peer Coach

Peer Recruiter

Peer Creative

Campus Organizer

Campus Influencer

Peer Advisor

Peer Tutor

Peer Analyst

Peer Editor

Peer Moderator

Service Coordinator

Channel Ambassador

Peer Trustee

Peer Council Member

Campus/ Qorps Officer

Peer Arbriter

Project Leader

Peer Educator

Peer Mentor

Campus Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

Service-to-Career Paths

The best part about Qorps Service is that the choice of how to serve is always yours. Try different roles to see which one fits best with your passions, preferences and style.  Descriptions are are part of the Qorps Service training along with details on the different skills you will develop and the types of careers these skills prepare you for.  There are even guides to help you choose. The Service-to-Career model is your bridge to the opportunities you will be looking for after you graduate.  In fact, we're so confident in this model, your service comes with Qorps Service pledge.

Make A Commitment to CollegeQorps and CollegeQorps Will Make A Commitment to YOU

Follow the Qorps Service-to-Career path to Peer Leader and CollegeQorps will make sure you have a job offer by graduation. 

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How It Works

To be eligible, Qorps Service members must complete the following requirements:

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    Remain in good academic standing (GPS > 2.2)
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    Complete Peer Service Academy before completion of 45 college credits;
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    Earn a minimum of one (1) Peer Supporter level service medallions before completion of 75 college credits;
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    Complete Peer Leadership Academy before completion of 75 college credits;
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    Earn a minimum of one (1) Peer Coordinator level service medallion AND one (1) career medallion (with average performance ratings of at least 4 out of 5 stars) by the completion of 90 college credits;
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    Complete Leadership Institute before enrolling in the final 30 credits required for completion of the Bachelor's degree program for which you are enrolled;
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    Earn the Alumnus medallion;
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    Earn the Qorps Challenge medallion by graduation.

Check the CollegeQorps Terms of Service for complete requirements.  Additional conditions may apply.